When the engine light on the dashboard comes on, it indicates to the driver that one or several things have gone wrong upon starting the engine or while the vehicle was set in motion.


Problems that arise

The engine light can come on due to the following:

  • vanne-egrThe injection system (injector, turbo, injector pump, flow sensor…).
  • The emissions system (DPF, EGR valve, catalytic converter), issues with engine clogging.vanne-egr
  • Electronic issues (sensor, lambda sensor, computer…)


The best solution

Regular hydrogen descaling with the use of a HY-Calamine device can help that engine light stay off; the solvent power of post-combustion hydrogen dissolves carbon residue that has built up in the engine and allows the engine to regain its original performance while, at the same time, decreasing the risk of malfunctions.