Hy-Service-de-Flexfuel-Company-4pg-FRThe challenge any public entity faces: Pollution reduction

Now that environmental directives and strict performance requirements are in place, public services face an ongoing battle to reduce carbon emissions and toxic particles while still saving money and adhering to legislation. The FlexFuel Company’s know-how can help overcome such challenges.

The FlexFuel Company’s solution: Hy-Service

It is not be enough to simply reduce vehicle speeds: the impact on toxic particles and carbon emissions will be too low. The reality is that carbon deposits that build up inside the engine cause black smoke and are responsible for half of all toxic emissions. Thus, making sure that the engine you use is clean can guarantee immediate and significant benefits to the quality of air.

Initially, the FlexFuel Company’s hydrogen-based cleaning solution, developed and produced in France, was conceived for the industrial sector; then, its effectiveness became approved by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. The FlexFuel Company currently equips several hundred ships, decreasing annual CO2 emissions by 3,000 tons!

bus_cielFollowing this success, the FlexFuel Company developed Hy-Service and was able to start descaling (cleaning up carbon residues) in bus and truck engines in an eco-friendly manner. Once cleaned in this manner, used engines no longer produce black smoke, and cut toxic emissions in half.

Mobile units navigate around fleet parking areas while cleaning vehicles

Hy-Service ensures that engines in government fleets (trucks, buses, etc.) remain descaled.
Once a free audit has taken place to determine frequency of service, mobile units can be moved around the parking areas of vehicles and can clean engines on a regular basis.

The fleet manager receives a report every three months which includes cleaning data as well as test results (indicating the level of toxic emissions).
Our communities could then take advantage of this means of communication in order to let the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Air Quality know and to let all other entities who are fighting to protect air quality know of such efforts.
After each cleaning, the vehicle gets a sticker that says “engine cleaned by the FlexFuel Company” and marks the due date for the next cleaning.


Advantages for the community

  • In terms of public health, Hy-Service helps fight chronic and severe respiratory disease as well as cardio-vascular disease.
  • Vehicle fleets receive an upgrade and thus decrease their negative impact on the environment by 50%.
  • The exterior of buildings sully less because there are fewer carbon deposits.