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Flexfuel Décalaminage

FlexFuel Energy Development, a company specialized in optimizing engine performance and consumption, has been developing and marketing since 2008 a range of high-performance and recognized products. Our areas of expertise are as follows:

Engine carbon cleaning

100% ecological engine pollution control

FlexFuel hydrogen injection descaling is the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to engine pollution.

Engine pollution linked to carbon is the main cause of a large number of power losses, premature changes of parts, breakdowns or even breakages, not to mention the disastrous environmental impacts caused by engines overconsumption and their polluting discharges.

Thanks to our Hy-Calamine and Hy-Carbon Connect* descaling stations, find a healthy engine and avoid the replacement of expensive parts. Also benefit from a reduction in your fuel consumption and polluting emissions!

*Hy-Carbon Connect : the descaling revolution

Hy-Carbon Connect, the 100% connected descaling station. Our Research and Development teams have developed Hy-Carbon Connect for you: the 100% connected descaling station. Thanks to it, benefit from treatment perfectly suited to your vehicle and your driving style!

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The perfect solution for driving clean and cheap!