FlexFuel Energy Development designs and manufactures systems that reduce fuel consumption and emissions of particulate matter. We have obtained numerous certifications and awards, proof of the quality of our products and of our know-how.

SNCF, by delegation from the Ministry of Transport, in charge of the safety of the French rail network, has certified the Hydrogen Systems as compatible with locomotive engines running on the rail network (decision of 06/26/2014).

The Maritime Affairs Department of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy has certified the use of these compatible Hydrogen systems on boats (decision of 06/07/2012).

The Lépine Competition, a French competition which, since 1901 has rewarded the best inventions, has dedicated the Ethanol conversion system from Flexfuel Energy Development (best innovation award 2009) as well as the Hydrogen solution (2010).

The products and services of FlexFuel Energy Development are distributed in many countries: Scotland, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania and Greece.