Why is carbon cleaning so important for your vehicle?

Is your car sometimes difficult to start? Drops in engine performance? Increased consumption? Dashboard lights on? Failure or another visit needed for the MOT Test, due to high polluting emissions? In 75% of cases, the culprit is a clogged engine caused by carbon build-up!

It is combustion, in the heart of your engine, that is responsible for a deposit of carbon or soot in the cylinders, pistons, injectors, Particulate Filter, EGR valve and the turbo. Being clogged up, these parts are preventing your engine from running properly. When carbon is not eliminated on a regular basis, your engine will clog up. Breakdowns then occur, and the repair bill can quickly rise. The cost of a new EGR valve could be £350, and up to £2,000 for the replacement of your turbo!

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How and why are our solutions necessary?

Faced with a clogged engine,  Hy-Carbon and Hy-Carbon Connect technologies provide an exclusive, unique and patented solution, certified by the French Ministry of Transport and Bureau Veritas.

Coming from the industrial world and recognized by the Press for their reliability, our carbon cleaning stations using hydrogen injection allow your engine to be deep-cleaned by injecting hydrogen into the air intake. The path taken by the hydrogen ensures the regeneration of all engine parts. Once treatment is completed, your engine will return to its original factory performance.

Why favour carbon de-scaling with hydrogen injection over cleaning with chemical additives?

It is preferable to avoid introducing a product whose side effects are unknown into a £3,000 injection system […] Opt for a professional carbon de-scaling solution.

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Hydrogen cleaning is produced by enhancing a natural phenomenon of enrichment of the air-fuel mixture in your combustion engine. This procedure is efficient and non- aggressive, as it does not introduce any chemical or corrosive products into your engine.

The carbon is simply dissolved inside the engine, and naturally eliminated with the exhaust gases, where it is collected in a filter provided for this purpose.

Make some real money savings and prolong the life of your vehicle

Thanks to engine carbon cleaning via hydrogen injection

  • £4,000 Save your expensive car parts! Count £1,500 for a Particulate Filter, £350 for an EGR valve or even £2,000 for a new turbo…
  • 54% reduction in harmful emissions The FlexFuel solution deep-cleans your engine by injecting hydrogen into the air intake.
  • 15% reduction in consumption Reduce your polluting emissions and saves you money!

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