Is your vehicle clogged up? Consider carbon cleaning.

Black smoke, dashboard lights on, lags in acceleration… In over 75% of cases, the culprit is clogging of your engine due to carbon build-up.

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What is carbon build-up?

It is the combustion, at the heart of your engine that is responsible for the carbon deposit in the cylinders, pistons, Particulate Filter, EGR valve and turbo.

Clogged up parts prevent the engine from working properly. If the carbon (soot) is not removed regularly, breakdowns will occur, which will result in extremely high repair costs.

If your EGR valve is badly maintained, its replacement could cost you around £350 and up to £2,000 for a turbo!


De-scaling, a profitable long-term deal!

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De-scaling, a process that poses no danger to your vehicle

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North Hinksey Service Centre

20 August 2019

FlexFuel visits its partner A1 Motorist Centre

FlexFuel partners with Telford College for Carbon Cleaning

7 September 2021

FlexFuel partners with Telford College for Carbon Cleaning – giving back to the industry

With carbon cleaning,
you save in the long-term!

Have your vehicle carbon cleaned at one of our partner garages from £60

  • £4,000 Preserve your expensive car parts! Replacing parts quickly proves to be expensive. Particulate Filter (£1,500), EGR Valve (£350), Turbo (£2,000), etc.
  • 54% reduction in harmful emissions Hy-Carbon deep-cleans engines by injecting hydrogen into the air intake.
  • up to 15% reduction in your consumption Your engine will return to its original factory performance! Ideal for reducing your fuel consumption.

Convinced by Hy-Carbon®?

Thanks to our free-of-charge diagnostic, you can identify if your vehicle really needs de-scaling.

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They tested carbon cleaning


I performed de-scaling on my Hyundai ix35 and it was a success! More power, more acceleration and reduced fuel usage! I recommend it.

Hyundai ix35 / Hannah

De-scaling done and very happy with the results. No more dashboard lights, clean as a whistle!

Citroën C5 / Alan

Very happy with my de-scaling! My car has really found its original power again. Thank you!

Renault Scenic / Madison

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