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Eliminates carbon deposits, solves clogging issues, regenerates the engine, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption
Reduces fuel consumption and simplifies industrial engine maintenance
Bioethanol Kit
The bioethanol conversion kit for a greener and more economic driving experience




Carbon emissions are the cause of many engine problems, be it clogging issues, loss of power, poor utilization or even mechanical failure. These emissions are also toxic for the environment and are only worsened by carbon’s deteriorating effect on engine performance.


FlexFuel Energy Development is a company dedicated to developing and producing technology and services dedicated to optimizing engine performance. Since 2008, the company has commercialized a range of products that have been recognized for their performance and practicality. FlexFuel Energy Development’s main areas of expertize are:

- Cleaning personal vehicle and industrial engines by injecting gas (hydrogen and oxygen) into the intake manifold.

- Bioethanol conversion kits for vehicles with electronic fuel injection


FlexFuel Company is widely recognized as a leader in its industry and its products have been positively reviewed in the respected Journal Auto Plus and the magazine M6 Turbo.

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