Take on new customers by offering de-scaling

Take on new customers by offering hydrogen carbon cleaning

Increased turnover

A profitable and growing market. Today, our partners generate on average, each month, more than £3500 additional turnover

Increase your margins with rapid services

The margin created in relation to the labour required, makes our products the most profitable on the market

Join a network of professionals

A shared communication carried by the numbers of our partners and supported by a team of professionals

Benefit from certified training

Accredited skills in becoming an indispensable player by offering innovative products

Suggest new products

A profitable, complimentary activity driven by real savings, reflecting market demand

Create loyalty among new customers

You will work on the engines as a certified professional. Your customers’ vehicles will be maintained while they are with you

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Bring in new customers by offering descaling

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Hy-Calamine® Hy-Carbon®, the de-scaling from FlexFuel

Services unique in the market

Technology derived from hydrogen generators intended for industrial engines, Hy-Carbon cleaning stations represent all the technology and experience acquired by FlexFuel since its creation in 2008.

Advantages to your customers

  • Preventive service on used vehicles
  • Prevention of clogging-related breakdowns for vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty
  • Curative treatment under warranty in order to avoid the replacement of expensive parts
  • Capitalization on the image linked to depollution

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Our expertise

  • Specialist in engine depollution since 2007
  • Design and development carried out in-house
  • A company that owns its technologies
  • Certified 100% French manufactured
  • Over 3,000,000 vehicles hydrogen cleaned

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Hi, I’m delighted with the HY-CALAMINE machinery. I’ve had great comments about this and managed to solve a HUGE loss of power from a Kangoo 1.5dci that was giving off lots of smoke, thanks to you!

Garage in Chester / Peter

The machinery to de-scale the engines has been a hit with my customers. As an automotive professional, I just don’t understand the negative views on this service voiced by my colleagues, now that new Roadworthiness Tests have approved this system.

Garage in London / Mary

New owner of Hy-Calamine machinery. I have treated several vehicles now and the feedback from customers was great! The change in vehicle behaviour has been obvious.

Garage in Wakefield / Rick


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