Dashboard engine lights

Tableau de bord de voiture avec les voyants allumés

If you ask yourself why the engine lights are lit on your dashboard, you are thinking along the right lines.

Engine lights showing on the dashboard are there to signal to the driver that one or more faults have occurred during ignition or while the vehicle is in motion.

What causes engine lights to come on?

Three potential causes should be considered when the engine light is on at your dashboard:

Cause n°1: A problem at the injection system level (injectorturbo, injection pump, flowmeter, etc.).

Cause n°2: A faulty anti-pollution system (Particulate Filter or PFEGR valvecatalyser) or problems linked with a clogged engine.

Cause n°3: A problem with the electronics (sensor, lambda probe, computer, etc.).

How do I avoid the engine light coming on?

Regularly carrying out carbon cleaning by hydrogen injection avoids the engine light coming on the dashboard. In effect, the dissolving power of hydrogen after combustion brings about the dissolution of the scale (carbon) present in the engine, which then regains its original performance. You thus reduce the risk of breakdown, but also your fuel consumption and polluting gas emissions. Result: your budget gets a boost and you are making a gesture towards the planet!

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